Lazy people innovate – [self animate];

by Andrew

Lazy people innovate

Great article about the power and need for innovation. Why ‘reinvent the wheel’ when you can use what’s already proven to accomplish stuff?

I consider myself and my code to be a bit ‘hacky’. That is, I’d rather cull together bits and pieces of things others have done and ‘make it work’. Part of me has long felt that this is sub-ideal, that to be a truly great programmer I should create everything from scratch.

But creating new things leads to new bugs. Using the tried-and-true leads to fewer bugs. A great programmer doesn’t slave away to make a new framework every time he encounters a new problem. He thinks, long and hard, about the most efficient way to solve the problem. Sometimes that does require something new, but most of the time you can reuse or repurpose what’s already out there.

Here’s to the hackers! To the lazy ones! 😉