Color Theory 101 – DesignFestival

by Andrew

Color Theory 101 – DesignFestival

I love looking at color theory and how to use colors to evoke emotional responses. I hate looking for concise examples. This article solves my dilemma nicely, including how to use color wheels better.

(Adobe’s kuler tool helps tremendously here too.)

A few of the points that I want to remember for the next time I think of this question:

  • Warm colors: sun, heat, fire, love. Warm and Happy.
  • Cool colors: winter, death, sadness, ice, night, water, calmness, tranquility, trust, cleanliness. Cool and Calm.
  • Red: Love, passion, anger, blood, attention. Can be masculine when paired with strong colors like black.
  • Orange: Warmth, less aggressive than red. Fun, energetic, health (vitamin C).
  • Yellow: Sun, warmth, thirst, cowardice, fear, attention (when paired with black).
  • Green: Wealth, growth, health. Paired with blue: health, cleanliness, life, nature.
  • Dark blue: sadness.
  • Light blue: sky, water, refreshing, free, calm.
  • Purple: royalty, romance, softness, comfort, mystique, luxury.
  • White: sterility, goodness, holiness, cleanliness, softness, mental health.
  • Black: death, decay, evil, anxiety, depression, despair, loneliness. Combined with metallic colors can represent luxury or sophistication.