5 Easy To-Dos That Keep Your To-Do List Healthy – Fast Company

by Andrew

5 Easy To-Dos That Keep Your To-Do List Healthy

  1. Choose the right tool – Will an App or Sticky Notes or a Notepad work best?
  2. Be in the now – Simplify and focus your tasks. Work it down to actionable items, rather than big goals.
  3. Learn to delegate – If General and later President Dwight D. Eisenhower had to delegate, so do you.
  4. Prioritize and reward – All work and no play…. Split up your tasks with quick rewards. Put them on your list and you’re more likely to do them, and when the time is right.
  5. Plan ahead – Review at the end of your day and plan for the next day. Try to keep far-future tasks and goals out of your daily to-do list. (See number 2)

If you like an analog (paper) to-do list, might I recommend one of my to-do list templates? I’ve also got a context-based list template I’m about to release too!