1:1 criticism ratio

by Andrew

1:1 criticism ratio

“Think before you speak” meets “always be humble”. I’m not a huge fan of bashing, whether towards yourself or others, but there’s definitely something to remembering that everyone’s human, and we all make mistakes, and we – ourselves – make just as many or more mistakes than the next guy.

Keep this in mind any time you have a criticism. Is it really a big deal? Is it really a mistake that needs pointing out? If so, is it really necessary to berate the other person? Or is there a gentler way of saying, “Hey, don’t know if you noticed this…”?

When I worked for Pizza Hut, the first place that made me a manager (shift manager, but management all the same), one of the first things they trained me on was how to humanely deal with issues. Remember that not all mistakes are intentional, and that most people *want* to know how to do things correctly.