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Goodbye Google – The Productivityist

Goodbye Google: Why Iā€™m Untethering from All Things Google

I am hard-fast stuck on Gmail for a lot of things, but with inbox services like Alto for my desktop needs, it’s becoming a possibility to think about leaving it behind. So so many services tied to my gmail address though.

For search, though, I switched to Duck Duck Go a long time ago. Feels like Google from a few years back, before they became inundated with ads, but DDG has some great shortcuts, and the !bang searches are awesome. Lets me feel like I’m hacking the Internet. šŸ˜‰

Could you get rid of Google?


Daring Fireball

Daring Fireball

Quick shout-out to the inspiration for this site. Jon Gruber at Daring Fireball showed me that you don’t have to have 2-page-long rants every fifteen minutes in order to have a good blog. Hope I’ll be able to do the same here.

Great source for a lot of tech news, especially anything to do with Apple.

10 Places to Get Free and Premium Webfonts – DesignFestival

10 Places to Get Free and Premium Webfonts – DesignFestival.

I’ve used Google Web Fonts, and WebType before. Work pretty well. Typekit I’ve not personally used, but they’re everywhere. I don’t recommend over the others though, has too big a banner displayed on the page. Typekit’s banner is much subtler.

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